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Born in White Plains, NY 

Lives and works in St Petersburg FL

Jodi is a gypsy artist traveler who gathers no moss (what do you do with moss anyway?) but she definitely collects interesting stories, new ideas, new friendships and life skills. She's lived for extended periods of time in many beautiful places including New Mexico, CA, Hawaii and Oregon. 

"I believe travel and new environments inform my work in beautiful subtle ways."

Her art education came through on-the-job experiences mixing colors and applying complex paint finishes as a scenic painter for film as well as working on high end decorative painting projects for over 20 years. Hand-painted wallpapers, stenciled ceilings and beams, gold leafed molding, You name it, she painted it. (click here link to see!)


After years of painting environments and lots of up and down on ladders and scaffolding, she began to focus on creating paintings that would enhance spaces. Her interest in metaphysics, particularly yoga and feng shui, helped her see her work as energy enhancers for the spaces in which they are placed.

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