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"If abstract art and graffiti had  a love child, this would be it."

Alicia French SheKnows blog


Jodi Fuchs creates contemporary abstract paintings that have an undeniable energy. It is Fuchs’ fascination with the pure creative force: understanding it, harnessing it and expressing it, that fuels her painting process. The artist's intention is to create pieces that uplift and inspire both the people who see it and the spaces where the work hangs.

Fuchs calls her paintings “Spiritual Graffiti”. The work flows between pure abstraction and lyrically narrative pieces that incorporate her personal iconography of meaning.

“As a painter I aspire to bridge the gap between the unseen and the tangible. I paint from the inside out. Laying down color begins the process, words come to mind, numbers and images may pop in, energy moves. It’s a poetic capture of the moment. Ultimately the paintings are my attempt to feel free and at the same time absolutely connected. When I’m painting in the studio with the music blasting and I’m dancing and the colors are flying, I’m in the now zone. I listen to the creative impulses and act on them fearlessly. This is the gift of art making and I LOVE it!"



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