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Collaborative Experience with the Artist


I am available to create beautiful, unique paintings tailored to your individual preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece for your home or office, or a special gift for someone you love, I got you! Subject matter, color story, vibes, size: anything is possible when we work together! Email me to get the process underway.

Tom's house

Tom's Portland House

I created this dynamic painting for Tom, a collector I met while working part time in a furniture store a few years back. He needed a WOW piece to fit over his fireplace, something that would energize the neutral tones of the space and be a focal point for the room.


Staycation House, Miami

A client needed a 4'x 6' painting done within 10 days as her Miami rental property was going to be featured on the TV show Staycation and she needed a large black and white painting done FAST. 

prayer painting

Prayer Paintings

Prayer paintings are created by writing down words of intention, things you'd like to manifest or praise. I then obfuscate the writing by coloring in the negative spaces and loops of the letters. Although the words become illegible, the architecture of the prayers are there. Perfect for house blessings, weddings, vision boards, prayers for peace, etc.

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