Spiritual Graffiti

I made many of these paintings when I was training to become a Kundalini yoga teacher in 2010.  Mudras, temples, lotus flowers and butterflies along with encouraging words made their way into the work. Most  have sold but there are print options on some (see details when you click on each image)  I liked mixing the looser abstract backgrounds with more detailed and precise imagery. Now I mostly paint pure abstractions but it's interesting to see the arc of the earlier work to now and to reflect on what was going on in my consciousness at the time I created these.

Jodi Fuchs in the studio

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The Temple Within

SOLDThe word OK is silver leafed onto the canvas. A row of ducks float in the upper right corner with one duck sporting spots...standing out in the crowd. Expressionist brush strokes, loose and free, are featured on a field of black, pink and cream. Floral scribbles, bars of hot pink and yellow, a chinese design element in the form of a stylized lotus all comprise this funky modern painting.